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What is the measurement of one unit?


  • One unit equals to 1000 watts.
  • Suppose you have installed one Kilo watt System, it means 1000 watts system, which will produce 5 units of power a day approximately depending upon the place where you live.




Why should I buy this system?

To be free from the regular power cut and to relieve your children from the stress of reading their daily subjects with the current  interruptions and for you to have a peaceful sleep in the night.

What are the components involved in the system and how does it work ?



  • Solar PV PAnels - Generate DC current from Sun\'s rays 
  • Charge controller - Regulates the amps generated by the solar PV panels and stores in the battery or passes to the inverter.
  • Inverter- converts the DC to AC current and gives to the load.
  • Battery - for storing the current for use during evening.



Is the maintenance of the solar panel easy to the users?

It is as easy as maintaining any other electronic system. All you need to do is to clean the dust on the top of the panel once in a week and  whenever it is required.

What is the warranty period for the system ?

3 years for manufacturing warranty and 25 for power performance warranty.

When we touch the solar panel, will I feel the electric shock ?

No but it is advisable to take all precautions on working with any electric power as Solar power is also like our EB power.

What is the temperature I need to fix in order to make the solar panel work ?

It is 25* c. Solar panels converts light rays and not heat.

Will the solar work on cloudy days ?

The solar sytem will work on days when climate changes but the rate of output will come down.

Can we charge the battery with EB ?

Yes you can charge with EB.

For how many hours will the backup stays in this system ?

The duration of the backup lasts long depending upon the number of batteries in use. For example – if you are using 12 V 150 Ah battery, when fully charged, this can deliver 1400 watts of power.

What is the unit of measurement?

Production is measured with units.

How much unit does a system produce per day?

The 5 times of the solar panel which is installed will be the amount of power produced on a single day approximately depending upon the place where you live.please click here to find the IR radiation level of your place

What is difference between Solar System and UPS System ?

SOLAR POWER systems ARE JUST an extension of your ups, where the battery is charged with solar panels

What is your understanding about peak watt ?

When all appliances work together simultaneously - the total wattage of the appliance is called peak watts and inverter should be 1.2 times of the peak watt.

How the household power requirement can be calculated?


It is as easy as your other calculations. Total power consumption is nothing but the total sum of the wattage of the Load.

For Example 1 Fan = 80 Watts per hour.

1 Tube light = 60 Watts per hour.

Total Load = 80 + 60 = 140 Watts per hour.

And for your ease, Yuvraj Energy System has provided the solar calculator. 

Load Calculator




What are the electronic consumables that can run with a One Kilo Watt power system?

A one KW power system enables the user to use the fans, Lights, Tv etc.

Does the 1 kilo watt system supports in running an air-conditioner or Fridge/Washing Machine ?

Yes, you can run these appliances on a power system , but a one kilo watt power system can\'t support these appliances,  you require a  higher wattage system.

How does one understands the meaning of One Kilo Watt ?

  • Technically speaking, One Kilowatts means 1000 Watts.
  • For a better understanding lets’ illustrate: a 40 watts tube light will consume if it burns for 1 hr. 1000 watts means 25 tube lights can burn in an hour.

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